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You need to battle the venom draconian (many in dragon's lair). It does not require upgrade its hard to get but i got it in my first try.

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Q: How can you get the venom draconian sword in AQworlds?
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How do you get the Bronze Draconian Sword in AQWorlds?

The Bronze Draconian Sword is dropped by the Bronze Draconians in Dragon's Lair (/join lair).

Can you get the Dark Draconian sword in AQworlds?

Yes you can.I got it by killing 1000 dark draconians :D.Rlly rare

Can you get the gold draconian sword in AQWorlds?

you can get the gold dragonian's sword after defeating them... I'm not sure how many times you have to defeat them because it really depends on your luck...

How many times do you have to kill the dark draconian dragon for his sword in AQworlds?

It really depends on your luck, some people say that you have to kill it 10 times.

Can you get the Chaotic Draconian sword in AQworlds?

ive got it the sword buttttt u need to battle it it took me 1 kill =te get me the sword good luck :) o yeah almost for got members obly lol

How do you get a venom Draconian in AQworlds?

in the place of glanoth you go up and when you reach the top with glanoth go in to the cave at the left and there just fight the green one many times until you have it

How do you get a black Draconian head in AQWorlds?

Equip Prismatic Draconian Head and attune your skin color accordingly.

How do you get chaotic draconian wings on AQWorlds?

kill chaotic draconian... i dont know how many kills. but if your lucky enough you'll get it easy..

How do you get iron dragon blade in AQWorlds?

it is dropped by purple draconian in vasalkar's lair

How do you get a sword on aqworlds that has 999 damage?

there is no such sword

How to enhance iron draconian sword?

you must masturbate

How do you get water draconian wings in aqworlds?

go to vasalkar lair and kill the 2 monsters who are blue