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If you go to wii shop then go to the button that is next to the wii ware and down from that.when you click it it will show pictures annd information cick on the picture with the coin and a ribbion wraped around it then type your number (code)that is a club number if you don't understand what a club number is borrow mine:1880479374310755

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Q: How can you get the Wii speak channel for free?
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Can you use your usb logitec microphone headset on your wii to speak on animal crossing or even Wii speak channel?

No you can't. You have to use the microphone included with the game to speak through the game.

On the Wii shop chanel how do you get free Wii points?

unless someone gives you a wii point card 4 ur bday you cant get freee wii points there are a few ways to get free games though if you downloaded internet when it cost 500 pts then in october they will let u get a free 500 pt game cuz there making internet channel free and the other way to download free stuff if you go to wii ware there are some channels u can download free for example the everybody votes channel and check mii out channel hope this helped

Can you get the homebrew channel on the Wii for free in the Wii shop?

No, you cannot, because the homebrew channel is not official software. It is freeware and thus cannot and will never be able to be bought through Nintendo because it is free. Also, be wary of the homebrew channel it can and sometimes will completely crash your Wii (equivalent to the blue screen of death for a computer).

What is the Wii Homebrew Channel?

The Homebrew Channel is a Wii channel used to launch homebrew apps on your wii... basicly you get this then the homebrew browser then download wat u want... emulators... music... codes... i hav the hbc and its cool... people say its illegal but its not... so dont let tht get u.... its free and easy to use channel

What are all the channels on wii?

There are quite a few. The ones you start off with are as follows:-Disc Channel-Mii Channel-Photo Channel-Wii Shop Channel-Weather Channel (or Forecast Channel)-News Channel-Message BoardYou can also download more channels for free, and they are as follows:-Internet Channel-Everybody Votes Channel-Contest Channel (or Check Mii Out Channel)-Nintendo Channel-Today And Tomorrow Channel-Netflix Channel-Kirby TV ChannelAlso, if you're willing to pay a price, you can download virtual console or wiiware games, for 500 wii points to 2000 wii points.Finally, there are some wii channels you can only get by hacking. These are:-Homebrew Channel-MAG Loader Channel-SNES Channel-Snes9X Channel-NES Channel-FCEU Channel-RIN Channel-Genesis Plus Channel-HUGO Channel-ScummVM Channel-WAD-Installer Channel-WAD-Uninstaller Channel-Wiimc Channel-Riivolution Channel

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Can you use the Wii speak channel to use Wii speak or do you need a game that runs Wii speak?

You don't need a game that uses Wii speak. As long as you have Wii speak and kept the Wii ticket number, you can go to the Wii Shop Channel and downoad it.

How do you get the Wii Speak Channel?

The wii speak channel has not came out yet I think it comes out in November or December

How do you voice chat on the Wii?

You will need to buy Wii Speak and download the Wii Speak channel. You can then chat with any of your Wii friends that also have Wii Speak.

Are there free games on Wii shop?

yes their is, you go on wii channel and it says free gamesI am another person what is the wii channel

Is the Nintendo channel on Wii free?

Yes, all Wii Channels are free.

Can you watch a film on the Wii?

Yes, there is a Netflix channel available for the Wii. You can download it from the Wii Shop Channel for free.

Does Tiger Woods 2009 for the Wii work with Wii speak?

No. The only thing you really use wii speack for the wii speak channel and the game Animal Crossing.

Can you use the wii speak for mw3?

As far as i know u cant because i brought and it only works on the wii speak channel

How do you get flashplayer on Wii?

after you downloaded the free internet channel from wii shop channel, you can use it the flash player is pre-installed on the internet channel when it is updated, you can update the internet channel from wii shop channel and it will be work

Can you have ebuddy on Wii?

yes, you can download internet channel from the wii shop channel (free), then open it and go to

Who do you get on the Internet with the Wii?

you have to download the internet channel from wii ware on the wii shop channel when i got it it was 500 pts but they are giving me my money back in trade for a game off wii shop channel cuz i heard they makin it free

Do you have to get Animal Crossing to use wii speak?

Yes, because the Wii Speak is mainly designed to communicate through Animal Crossing City Folk. However, there is the possibility of there being a wii speak channel.