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After you exit (or finish) Victory Road, go back in. Cross the bridge. Go down. Go until you see the Ace Trainer, or whatever. Then go right. Go through the hole. Then go onto YouTube. Look for something to help you go through and out. Also, you can talk to a Professor and shaymin will come.

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Q: How can you get on Route 244 after Victory Road?
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How do you get to route 244 in Pokemon platinum?

First, defeat the Elite 4. Then, go inside Victory Road, and there will be a door that wasn't there before you defeated the Elite 4. Go in it. You will then be at the beggening of Route 224. :)

Where is victory road located in Pokemon Red version?

There is a route to the left of Viridian City that you can take in order to get to Victory Road.

What route is victory road?

I believe it was either route 223 or 224...I think 223...

Where is victory road in Pokemon?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Victory Road is only accessible from Route 223. Surfing north from Sunyshore City, the player can Surf up Route 223 and come to a waterfall. There is a cave opening at the top of the waterfall which leads to Victory Road.

Where is the Sinnoh Victory Road located?

It is located north of Route 223 and west of Route 224.

Where is the victory road in Pokemon Pearl?

Make your way through route 223. When you get to a Pokemon Centre, walk into the cave on the left and you will be in victory road.

Where do you catch rhydon?

In victory road or route 224 right outside of victory road hope this helped (you don't need the national dex)

Why isn't Cheren waiting in Victory Road?

After you beat the game, you must go to route 5 and talk to Cheren. He'll then be waiting for you at victory road.

Where is Victory road in Sapphire?

You can get to Victory Road by going east from Route 128 You'll find a waterfall use HM7 WaterFall to get to Ever Grande City heal your Pokemon then go to the cave you are now at Victory Road!

Where will you get the razorclaw in pearl?

On Route 224, Victory Road, and you can buy them at the Battle Tower.

Where is victory road in Pokemon Silver?

you see it when you head up route 26

Where is the guy blocking your way to get to route 224 in Pokemon platinum?

he is in victory road.