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you don't you have to pay real money stupid

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Q: How can you get free estore points on webkinz?
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How do you get Webkinz estore points?

The mother or father of the kid has to buy them in the estore

On webkinz how do you get estore points?

You can either go the and click on "Estore Points" on the right corner of the page, or log into your Webkinz account, click on "Webkinz Estore" in the Things To Do menu, and click "Add Points." You can purchase points through a debit or credit card, and you have to be 18 or older to buy anything from the Estore.

Where are your monthy delux estore points when signing up for webkinz delux membership?

I have had Deluxe Membership before so I asked this same question to my dad (when I was younger). Finally he figured out that the Webkinz eStore points are on the Ganz eStore website on your Ganz eStore account. You can transfer the points to your Webkinz account somehow. (Sorry, I don't know how). Then you can buy eStore items at the Webkinz eStore. I hope this helped! :)

Can you have minus estore points in webkinz?

No, you can't

Which code is the webkinz estore points code on pet tags?

There is none. The one on the webkinz tag gives you the plush animal virtually online. Estore points are not by them.

How do you get webkinz estore codes?

You have to buy Estore points from the Ganz Estore. When you purchase something with the points, they send you the code to that item through the email address that you provided in the process of buying it.

Where can you find an webkinz estore in sierra vista?

the webkinz eStore is at the webkinz site!

Where do you get webkinz estore point codes?

For Estore points, you don't get a code. The Estore just tells you that you purchased them. If you buy something with the points, they'll send a code through the email address that you provided.

Where do you get a free Webkinz estore butterfly?

Join competitions or get it as a gift!

What is the exchange rate for webkinz estore credits and dollars?

The lowest they have is 10 US dollars for 10,000 estore points. It goes up to 20 US dollars for 20, 000 estore points and so on.

How do you you get you estore points when you get you estore account?

When you get into the estore, you need to log in or create an account. When you are in it, there are buttons at the top saying Webkinz Webkinz jr. estore points and T shirt designer all in a little blue box at the top. click the one that says estore points. Then you click the amount of estore points you want to buy. Then enter all the information. and since i don't want to buy any right now i can't go on but i am guessing that it will have something that says confirm your order. then you got the estore points! Hope i helped! :D (If you have the deluxe member ship you are sent estore points each month depending on what upgrade you have)

What do you buy points with on estore webkinz?

You have to use a credit card to buy the points, then u use the points to get stuff on estore. Kinda dumb if u ask me since its ONLY online.. hope i helped