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you go to move pokemon, and then press the box's name. You can change the name and wallpaper from there.

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Q: How can you get different wallpapers for your PC box in soul silver?
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Is spawn on soul calibur 2?

yes,but only for the x box.

How do you trade with Pokemon FireRed and soulsilver?

Put soul silver into the ds cartridge place and fire red in the gameboy cartridge place, then get into soul silver and when it asks you what you want to do ( Continue game, mystery gift, new game etc.) and it will say transfer from fire red hit that and you choose the Pokemon that you want to trade over, you can only get the Pokemon transferred into fire red with the Pokemon you have in your box. choose up to 6 Pokemon and transfer them. WARNING Once you transfer them you cant transfer them back. :)

How can you make Walda smile in Pokemon Emerald?

Say Pokemon (nomekop) backwards. That's NOT right, use the website: Fill your own game ID (of Emerald of course) and what kind of sort box wallpaper you want and then click on ''Generate Secret Word.'' And you have the secret word* *You can get more box wallpapers from him

How do you beat ripper roo on crash?

easy! first after 3 boxes have fallen its the silver box, after 5 boxes have fallen its the silver one then after 9 boxes have fallen its the silver one! and if you wanna kill him you have to do space bar when the silver boxes are coming then he will loose life when you have done 3 silver boxes you have done! and when you have done you have defeated RIPPER ROO! but i call him RIPPER POO

How do you beat level 10 on silver sphere?

1. keep one box above the x mark and 2nd box one step right to the perpendicular of ice cube and x mark 2.push the ice cube twice 3.push the 2nd box in water on the way to goal

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Where do your Pokemon GO on soul silver?

PC box

How do you get pokewalker in soul silver?

You cant get pokewalker in soulsilver when you buy it you get it at gamestop in the box is the pokewalker

What is the code to get wallpapers?

in the box when you sign in (under password box) type in port and you will get the werly wallpaper

Does pokewalker come with SoulSilver?

Yes, Soul Silver and Heart Gold both come with a Pokewalker in the box.

How do you get your Pokemon to trust you in soul silver?

use them to fight, walk with them, don't give them rare candys or leave them in your PC box.

How do you delete a Pokemon in soul silver on your dsi?

go into the pc box, click move. click a on the pokemon, then select release

How do you get the egg if your party is full in soul silver?

put your Pokemon in the PC box at a pokecenter

When was Soul Box created?

Soul Box was created in 1973.

Dose the PC box clone trick still work on Pokemon an items in Heart Gold an Soul Silver?

that's old so NO

When was Winter in a Silver Box created?

Winter in a Silver Box was created in 1998.

When was Silver Box created?

Silver Box was created on 2004-10-18.

Do you defeat red a mt silver or mt moon?

he's at Mt. Silver. Mt. Moon is about the size of a shoe-box, and there really isn't anything hidden in there. you'll need flash to get through Mt. silver if you're on gold, silver or crystal, and you'll need rock climb if you're playing heart gold, or soul silver.