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Go to Safari Zone, near the secret house(the one who give you surf)there is a golden tooth on the ground,go and get it .Give it to warden,he will give you a HM Strength.Done!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How can you get HM strength in FireRed?
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How do you move the boulders in firered?

you get the HM strength

How do you move rocks in Pokemon FireRed?

Either by using the HM Strength or by using the HM Rock Smash

How do you move a rock in Pokemon FireRed?

You need to learn the HM strength.

How do you move the boulders in Pokemon FireRed?

Use the HM move Strength.

Where is the HM for Strength in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to the safari then find this fake teeth thing, then go to wardens house and give it to him then he will give you hm strength

Where is the TM or HM for moving boulders in firered?

The warden in fushcia city has the HM Strength he gives it to you if you give him his gold teeth.

Where do you get HM 8 in Pokemon FireRed?

There Are Only 7 HM's In Pokemon Firered. Hm01- Cut Hm02- Fly Hm03- Surf Hm04- Strength Hm05- Flash Hm06- Rock Smash Hm07- Waterfall

How many hm are in Pokemon FireRed?

Their are 7 HM's available in Firered.

Where to get hm 04 in Pokemon FireRed?

Find the Gold teeth in the safari zone. Go talk to the Warden (right of the Pokemon Center) and he will give you hm 04- strength.

HM dive Pokemon FireRed?

The short answer is no. There is no Dive, HM 08, in Pokemon FireRed.

Where is the HM for Strength in Pokémon FireRed?

get the warden's golden teeth in fuschia city. they are somewhere in the safari zone. once you have them, go to the warden's house, he will give you strength

Pokemon firered- i went on bills boat the the islands and i didnt beat the elite 4 or get the hm strength i cant find the hm strength and you need it to complete the challenges to go home please help?

first you have to find the wardens false teeth in the safari zone then take them to the warden he will reward you with hm strength