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If you were just banned by the mice of the room, you can log out and then log back in.

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Q: How can you enter a room you were banned from on Transformice?
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Where to download transformice hack?

On the internet. But do not hack, it is not nice when you get banned on Transformice.

How do you enter a tinychat room after you get banned?

Use a proxy server.

Create a room on transformice?

Type /room # # is the name of the room.

How do you go to room 911 in Transformice?

type in /room 911

What to do in room 801 in transformice?

Nothing much can be done.

Where do you type in codes on transformice?

You enter/type them into the chat bar :)

How do you request songs on transformice?

you have to be in room baffbot but u have to be 18 or up to go in that room

What room gives free fraises in transformice?

/room 286637850. However, the event is already over.

How do you hack on transformice?

You can use cheat/hack engines, but that will only get you banned by mods. Don't do anything of the sort!

How can you get shaman all the time at transformice?

Go to a room where you are the only player.

Where are the rules for transformice survival answer to litebluhoody on transformice?

Room survivor is currently not in action... So there are no rules.This is wrong, so if its in or out no hugging no gods and no blocking holes

How long does a Transformice ban last?

Typically, it lasts one hour. However, if you are caught hacking, your account is permanently banned.