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go under the computer settings, and scroll until you see game options and in there type in, Enablecheats=1 and access the game, press the button underneath your escape button, (now when you press that button, the type in cheats bar will be invisible) type in your cheat, ***MAKE SURE YOU ARE SURE THAT YOU PUT IN THE RIGHT CODE BECAUSE YOU CANT SEE WHAT YOU TYPED IN, ONLY WHAT YOU ARE TYPING*** if you don't enter it in right, then the cheat will be invalid.

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Q: How can you enter a cheat code in Star wars Kotor 2 for PC?
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Star Wars force uleshed what is the stronger lightsaber cheat code?

enter lightsaber. its great :] enter lightsaber. its great :]

Can you enter a cheat code in lego star wars 3 on 3ds?

No you can't only on ps3 360 and Wii are cheat codes available.

What is the cheat code for star wars battle orders?

type enter emp666 then u got the empire

How do you in Lego Star Wars 3 beta type in cheat codes?

You need to hit the enter key and type the code and hit enter again.

Where do you write masterball cheats in?

You first put in the action replay. Next you click on the star on the action replay screen. It shows cheats, if the cheat is not there you go to MAKE A CHEAT. Then you put in what the cheat is and how to do it. Next you enter the code for the cheat. And finally you go to the star again and turn on the cheat.

Where do you enter cheat codes on dragon quest 9?

Go to cheat code and enter it

Is their a cheat on sims 2 to make sims not hungry?

No, but theirs a cheat to max all motives..... which make ur sim not hungrey, sleppy, or uncomfortable. Heres how you enter the cheat.... you press star, go to relationships, den enter the code.

How do you unlock the people who has lightning on star wars the complete saga?

U have to beat the level with them in it then by them or enter the cheat code in the extras

How can you enter a cheat code?

There are many ways to enter a cheat code depending on the game. Some games will guide you through the process.

What is the code on destroy the malevolence for C-3PO Lego Star Wars 3?

The cheat code to unlock C-3PO in Lego Star Wars 3 is 574226. To enter this code open the pause menu, then go to extras, click on enter secret code and enter the code provided (this code works for Wii and Xbox I can not be sure that it will work on any other game system).

How do you put iin cheat codes for Star Wars Battlefront 2?

in the game just pause and enter the code. if you entered the code correctly you will here a sound if it still dosent work make sure you have the rite code try cheat code

What is the cheat code for dengar?

There is a code but you have to buy it in real money in Lego Star Wars cards and enter it. It's available in America, Hong Kong and most of the countries.