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You can:

* Use a Bookcase to Study Creativity * Practice Painting on an Easel * Practice on a Piano * Just drag your mouse over the aspiration points you want and get full on everything!

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Q: How can you earn Creativity skill points in the Sims 2 Pets?
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How do you make sims a singer in sims 2?

If you mean the career, not going to happen. Although, if you build up their creativity skill, you can use a karaoke machine. Or, you can use it to actually build up their creativity skill.

Easy skill on sims 2 castaway on psp?

An easy way to upgrade creativity skill on Sims 2 Castaway on PSP is to make an instrument such as a shaker. Play it and get a skill up.

How do you get Creativity skill for Sims 2?

You get it by painting, playing the guitar, piano and other musical instruments.

What do you do after you get the hieroglyphics on sims 2 castaway?

The hieroglyphics are logic skill points so they add to your logic skill points.

How do you get Creativity points in sims castaways for wii?

by making some clothes or playing some music

How do you earn creativity on Ubrz sims?

You go to the learning center with the teacher and take creativity or anything else you need in skills and take the test and if you pass you earn the skill point

Is there a cheat to set you skill level in the sims 2 pets for ps2?

yes there is and i have it but i dont remember... :) srry!!

Where are the 5 mechanical skill points on sims 2 ds?

Skill points are found in different places, at different times of the day. There is no telling where they will turn up. for more information, go to and look for The Sims 2 walkthrough, skill points calender.

How much can a painting sell for on sims 2?

It depends on how many creativity points your Sim has, one with only a few points can sell a painting for anything from $2 to $15, Sims with maximum points can sell paintings for over $900.

With sims 3 can you have sims 2 pets?

No, you cannot have Sims 2 pets on Sims 3. You must have Sims 3 pets for Sims 3 or Sims 2 pets for Sims 2.

Where are the mechanical skill points on sims 2 ds?

Anywhere.... usually in the hotell or in the restaurant place.

How do your pets get social points in sims 2 pets wii?

lots of ways! you could play with them, they could play with another pet, if u go to the town square they'll play with pets there, other sims will play with them.