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You can create a website for free however we will have to pay to get it online, a good website can boost your sells more than you think, see the website charges as an investment and the seed will bloom lather or soon. In case you need a professional web design I can help you out.

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I think u have to pay money but search it in the web anyway!

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Q: How can you create your own virtial website like zwinky?
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How can you create a website like zwinky?

All you do is have a masters degree in computer science and then start creating. They should teach you in the college class.

Is there a website that is just like zwinky?

not exactly but this website called meez is sorta like it

What is is good website like IMVU but without the download?

supersecret,zwinky,spark city,zwinky cuties

How do you make a vitual website like zwinky?

just go to google enter how to make a website like zwinky and it will tell u how to do itt ... it may cost okk thanks for readingg hehe

Is there a site where you can enter a zwinky user name then the password comes up?

There is not a website like that unless zwinky or someone else makes one as i heard of no.

What are sights like Habbo?

such as zwinky any avatar website add me on habbo its crips4life64

Is there a website like zwinky for people under 13?

Is there a website of internet like but so kids can play it?

Not really unless you think Zwinky is for kids

Are there any websites like zwinky that you dont have to pay or download for it?


How do you put pictures as a background on zwinky?

how do u put pcs in zwinky like lil Wayne how do u put pcs in zwinky like lil Wayne

What are some sites like zwinky?

imvu,,weeworld,are a few sites sort of like zwinky.

Do you like zwinky?

yes zwinky is awesome! I like meeting guys and having sex on there 2! xD