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well you could go to and create one best website to do

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Q: How can you create a game similar to Transformice?
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What is the opposite of Transformice?

There will be a game called Transforcats. I guess thats a opposite of Transformice. Signed by Tannermo P.S. Tannermo is my Transformice username.

Create a room on transformice?

Type /room # # is the name of the room.

Are there any games like transformice?

Try Searching Transformice clone game, if you can't find the results tell me and ill update this.

Where is the chat box in transformice?

It is in the bottom left corner of your game screen!

Is transformice the best mouse game online?

It matters on the player's opinion. To me, yes.

How Do you get more cheese in transformice an online game?

One way to get more cheese is to type into the facebook chat bar which will bring you to the Transformice Facebook page and give you 20 cheeses.

How create an account in Transformice?

Go on the homepage and under the log in button there is a button that says create an account... and than type a valid username and password.

How do you change profile on transformice?

By contacting transformice

When did Transformice happen?

Transformice happened in 2010.

When was Transformice created?

Transformice was created on 2010-05-01.

What is the website for fullscreen on transformice the game?

You can just click the fullscreen button above the Menu button. Cheers.

What does TFM stand for?

It is some kind of chemical, or it can also stand for the popular online multiplayer game "Transformice".