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You cant

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Q: How can you change your fun run username?
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How do you change a username on glogster?

how to change your glogster username

How do you change you username on woozworld?

You can't change your username on WoozWorld.

Can you change your username on hogwarts extreme?

No, but you can change the capitalisation, for example; If your name is 'username', you could change it to something like 'UsErNaMe'.

How do you change your username in zwinky?

You can't. when you choose your username you can't change it.

How do you change your username on moshi monsters?

You can not change your Moshi Monsters username.

How do you change your username on CBBC message boards?

You can't change your username!

Is it possible to change your roblox username?

If you want to change your username to a new stupid username you should probably visit blox. com and ask them how to change your username. Then pay 1 million robux and that will change your dumb username to a stupid username. Why wouldn't you think of those stuff?You guys probably don't have mind.

How do you change your username on WolfQuest?

As of March 1st, 2010 you are not able to change your username.

How do you change your username on NFL rush zone?

it is totally impossible to change your username in nflrz

How do you change your username on naruto-arena?

In Avatar: Legends of the arena you just need to click on your name to change it. I am not sure about THAT OTHER webgame sorry.

How do you change username in snapchat?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your Snapchat username. So, when you make your account, make sure that you like it when you choose your username.

Can you change your roblox username?

Yes, it was released in late 2013/early 2014. You can change your username at the cost of 1000 ROBUX! Just go to the 'Account' button and the 'Change Username' button should be right next to your username.