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Have one space available in your party

then go to veilstone city

go to the house on top of the Pokemon ceneter

go in and talk to the person and you will get a lvl 25 porygon

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Q: How can you catch a Porygon in Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you catch Porygon in Pokemon Diamond?

Go to the Trophy Garden which is in the Pokemon Mansion. porygon is rare in Pokemon Diamond, so using the Poke Radar would be easier.

How do you catch a Porygon 2 in Pokemon diamond?

You cannot catch Porygon2 in the wild, you will have to trade a Porygon holding an Up-grade to evolve it into Porygon2.

Where to get porgon on Pokemon Diamond?

you can catch a porygon in Pokemon diamond by going to the old man in the mansion and out to the trophy garden. You also need the national dex to catch a porygon . walk around the grass and in a little while it will appear.

Where can you catch polygon in diamond?

To catch Porygon in Pokemon Diamond you need the National Pokedex. After getting the National Pokedex go to Trophy Garden in Route 212 and talk to the owner. When he says he has seen a Porygon it will now appear in the Trophy Garden.

How do you get a Porygon in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant find a porygon ,you can find it in Pokemon pearl or on platinum

What Pokemon needs Up grade to evovle in Pokemon diamond?


Where can you catch Porygon 2 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You must evolve Porygon (From Celadon) using the UpGrade to Porygon 2.

What do you need to get a Porygon on Pokemon diamond?

The national pokedex.

How do you get Porygon on Pokemon diamond?

you have to go to where the trophy garden is.

In Pokemon Diamond what do you do with the up-grade?

You use it on a porygon and it will evolve.(Pokemon Diamond, Platinum, and Pearl only.

Where do you get a Porygon in pokemon diamond?

in a science lab from a scientist i think

Where can you catch a Porygon in Pokemon Pearl?

At the Pokemon mansion. You can talk to the owner and on rare occasions, he will say that a Porygon is in his backyard, so go there