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Hold down crept, alt and c all together. A box should POP up on the top of the screen. Type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Hit enter. Hold down shift on a sim and click. It should bring up a lot of stuff. Find plan outfit.

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Q: How can you buy sims clothes without leaving the house?
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How do you change your clothes in Sims 3?

When you enter your room which is in your house go to your wadrobe. There you can get different clothes all shapes,colors, and sizes!

Can you change your clothes on sims 3 for ipod touch?

No you are not able to change your Sims clothes on the Sims 3 for iPod Touch. You can change your Sims clothes in the PC version.

How do you make houses on sims deluxe without the people?

when you are in the neighbor hood mode DO NOT select a family, you will be in build mode and you can build a house without a family in the house, and you can later move a family into the house or you can upload the house to a sims download site.

How do you change your sims clothes on sims bustin out?

you have to save and quit then go on continue at menu then you can change sims clothes

The sims website were you can make your on family and house?

their is not one but on meez you can buy things to put in your house and clothes and also zwinky . or download supple you can play the trial or buy it and its a fun game fvery sims based your at work with other employees and you can go to the bar or store and buy clothes

New games where you make a person get pets buy stuff for your house and clothes?

Sims pets edition you can do all that.

How do you download clothes on The Sims 3?

You can probably get clothes from the Sims 3 website with real money, or download the sims that people make

How do you change your sims clothes on my sims agents?

In the beginning, you should get a house key and furniture-A chest, a bed, and a closet. Also, you should get a book case.- You put the closet into your house and you walk over to it. You press A and you get you change your clothing!

Can you wash your clothes on sims 3 without the expansion packs?

Laundry is only available through the Sims 3 Ambitions or University Life expansion packs, or if you purchase washers and dryers from the Sims store.

How do infants have clothes on the sims 2 PC?

If want baby clothes you have to get them from places like Mod the Sims.

What is the cheat for baby clothes on sims 2?

There is no cheat to get baby clothes you have to download them from places like Mod the Sims.

How do you get new maternity clothes on sims 2?

You can get new maternity clothes for Sims 2 by downloading Squinges mod; pregnant Sims wear any outfit.