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Always keep an extra Mystical Space Typhoon or heavy storm handy! Also divine wrath the effect if and when possible! They can't live without the Field Spell!

It cannot be attacked, but that doesn't stop effects! I keep exiled force in my deck just in case, and Ancient Fairy dragon can destroy the field spell needed to keep it alive.

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Q: How can you beat a earthbound immortal?
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What is the strongest earthbound immortal?

In the case of stats, Earthbound Immortal Uru.

How much is earthbound immortal worth?

They vary in prices depending on which of the seven you buy here are their prices Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu $7.50-$8.00 Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua $4.00-$5.00 Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu $9.00-$10.00 Earthbound Immortal Cusillu $3.00-$5.00 Earthbound Immortal Uru $$.50-$7.50 Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua $3.00-$4.50 Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca $1.50-$2.00 Prices may go up depending on how rare the print is

Can you get the earthbound immortal cards on Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds 2010?

Yes.Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu and Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu can be found in the In-Game Raging Battle booster pack.Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua, Earthbound Immortal Uru,and Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca can be found in Stardust Overdrive.Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua and Earthbound Immortal Cusillu can be found in Ancient Prophecy.

Where you get a Earthbound Immortal Uru?

Earthbound Immortal Uru comes in Stardust Overdrive as an Ultra or Ultimate rare.

How rare is the Earthbound Immortal Yu-Gi-Oh card?

It depends on which Yu-Gi-oh earthbound immortal card you're talking about. I have an earthbound immortal card, which is "Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua" It's worth about $6. It also depends on what condition it is and if it's 1st edition or unlimited.

How many earthbound immortals are there?

There are seven. Ccapac Apu (Giant) in Raging Battle Aslla Piscu (Hummingbird) in Raging Battle Cusillu (Monkey) in Ancient Prophecy Chacu Challhua (Orca) in Ancient Prophecy Ccarayhua (Lizard) in Stardust Overdrive Uru (Spider) in Stardust Overdrive Wiraqocha Rasca (Condor) in Stardust Overdrive

What Yu-Gi-Oh booster pack does 'Earthbound Immortal Uru' come in?

"Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua" comes in the booster pack Ancient Prophecy.

What is the code for earthbound immortal uru?


How many tributes does an Earthbound immortal need?


Can you get the earthbound immortal cards on yugioh 5ds 2009?


Which earthbound immortal card is the worst?

In my opinion Chacu Chalcuah.

What is better earthbound immortal tin or majestic star dragon tin?

the majestic star dragon tin theres a better chance in that tin you will get the right cards to summon it than the earthbound immortal