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You can go on and make a profile. Then, you can search any song and create a playlist, and customize the music player. When you're done, click Save and Get Code. It will show you a MySpace code, but you can still use it for Zwinky (make sure you keep up MixPod while you log on to Zwinky!!).

Then, log on to your profile and click Edit Account. Then click where it says Custom Stylesheet. Go back to MixPod and copy the code. Then go back to Zwinky and right-click Paste. Finally, click Save and you're profile will have music! :)

Please visit my Zwinky profile at for helping you out! :)

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Q: How can you add music onto a zwinky profile?
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How do you add photos to your Zwinky account?

Put the URL of the photo in your "About Me" section of your profile.

Is there a way to add music to your profile?

No, there is no way to add music to your profile page. Currently, that feature is unavailable, but you are able to add links to Youtube or whatever to listen to music.

How do you get music or a music playlist on my zwinky?

On ur profile:Go to, sign up, add songs, go to "my playlists" get code, right click, click copy, go to ur zwinky profile, click edit profile under ur user, go to go to "custom stylesheet", click "click to display", right click, click "paste" and then go to the bottom of the page and type in ur password, then click "update profile and then u will have a playlist on ur profile!I do but that's good too.

How do you add graphics to foopets onto your profile?

you can't..................

How do you donlowd music on your zwinky account?

Imma tell u how to put music on ur zwinky profile. 1-go to 2-create an account if u dont got one 3-click on create playlist 4-add songs 5-click on player code under ur playlist 6-choose wut ever color u wud like 7-click on get the code 8-click copy 9-then go to ur edit profile 10-go to click to display 11-left click then do paste 12-put in ur password and then click update profile and thats how u put music on ur profile hope this helped

How can you get onto someones bebo profile if they have privacy on it?

Add them as a friend if they accept then you can view their profile.

How do you add a hyperlink to your profile?

Hyperlinks can be added to your profile by pasting the URL of the web page onto your profile when editing it.

How do you add a song to zwinky?

You can add songs on zwinky by going to the the website or [same thing] and creating a playlist. after you have got to playlist, copy the code and paste it to zwinky. Also, if you dont no how to do that, simply go to "edit profile" on zwinky, and there should be a little link saying "costum sylesheet" or somthing like that. click that, wen u get that open, just paste the code there, and it should go on ur profile,if not, ask others for help. Good luck!

How do you add people on face books?

Go onto their profile and click 'add as friend'

How do you add a layout to your zwinky?

go to edit profile and you'll see something that says custom stylesheet press click to display and find some layouts that you want and copy there code go back to zwinky(dont close the zwinky window)and paste the code in the box there ya go!oh and add me mrsjoejonas4eva99

How do you edit your profile on zwinky?

HEy!!...Its real easy to edit your profile! All u do is go2 ur profile and under your avatar theres a button that says edit profile. And if u go on the internet go on Google and layouts and click on a link than when u have found one u lick copy the URL and paste it in the place that it says on your profile!! add me on zwinky my username is ihartyouhx3

How do i change MySpace profile song?

go to myspace music type in your favorite music artist in search box ex: britney spears then click on the profile of the artist and listen to the song you want to add then click add song to profile.