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you capture a pidgy and elvolve it into a pigyoto and teach it 'fly'. when you get to the city close to it get a Pokemon that knows surf and surf your way there.

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Q: How can one get the 8 island in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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How do you get to 8 island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot get to island 8 without cheats

What Pokemon can you get on island 8 in LeafGreen?

lugia ho-oh

How do you get rainbow island 8 and 9 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to have passes

How do you get to Southern Island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

go to 8 island and find aten and he will take you there

Where do you get the Pokemon Lugia?


How do you get to lugea in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you need to get a auroa ticket and have 8 and 9 island oen

How do you get the 8 and 9 island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

it does but you need the aroura pass and you could only get that at a Pokemon convention and that was in 2004

How do you get to island 8 and 9 on Pokemon LeafGreen without a special event?

You can get an action breplay and download the code for it.

How do you get the 8 bage on Pokemon LeafGreen?

I think you get it in either cinnabar island gym or virdiran city gym

How do you get to rainbow island 8 on Pokemon firered or leafgreen?

You don't. It only goes up to seven, I think.

Where is 8 island in Pokemon FireRed?

8 Island does not exist. Only the sevii islands. There are seven islands in leafgreen and firered. Four of them can only be visited after finishing the game.

How do get the 9 8 island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You had to get a Link at the Nintendo convention, the islands hold deoxy's and ho -oh or somthing.