How can i play L4D in L4D2 in PC?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A person can play L4D in L4D2 in PC by selecting a player and joining a game. Most of the game itself is very similar to the original release other than the characters and maps.

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Q: How can i play L4D in L4D2 in PC?
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Is l4d better than l4d2?


What is better l4d or l4d2?

l4d2 it has more zombies and its more funner.

How do you make L4D Jockey costume?

How to make a l4d2 jocky costume

What are the L4D2 campaigns in order?

I have l4d, Not l4d2. But, there is no specific order. They're all different stories with the same people involved.

Do you need steam to play l4d2 online on the PC?

yes you have to have steam.

Should you play L4D before you play L4D2 and is there anything story-wise that is transferred between the two or are they both standalone games?

You can play either one you want, they're standalone games.

Should you play L4D before you play L4D2?

no because as far as I know the stories are not connected except for the zombies of course the charicters are different and it set in a different place so that's it

Should you buy cod modern warfare 2 or l4d 2 Because both are awesome but are same price?

Buy both but i prefer L4d2 if you want to kick some zombie @ss and if you want terrorist @ss by Mw2 btw im buying mw2(on ps3) first then l4d2(probably PC)

Games like Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines but less scary?

Hmm.. I recommend L4D or L4D2. I've never heard of that game but, good luck.

Do people on PC play l4d with people on xbox live if so how?

No. Left 4 Dead Xbox Live Players can only play with other Xbox players. The same goes for PC.

Can you get the l4d2 demo on PC free?

Yes, Download steam, make an account, search L4D2 and download the demo from there.

Are there cheats for l4d?

Well There is when u google it or use sv_cheats 1 and go to google and type L4D cheats for PC