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There is no super speedy way to train unless you hack. I suggest registering the vs. seeker and going across the region battling everyone you can. You could always put your golduck in your first slot and give your weaker Pokemon the EXP. Share (obtained from one of Professor Rowan's aids) and battle the Elite Four over and over again; however, this will lower your EV. stats (effort values.)

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Q: How can i lvl up my Pokemon easy on Pokemon platinum i have a koffin lvl 25 i have a golduck lv 68 i have a numel lv 15 and Torkoal lv 14 and electrike lv 13 i have theese cus i tradedi fnshed game?
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What is a good Pokemon team on Pokemon Platinum?

i think rosealia golduck crobat electrabuzz Rhiperior and beedrull

What team is best for Pokemon platinum?

Infernape Golduck Rypherior Sceptile Tyranitar Electivire

What level does Psyduck evolve in Pokemon platinum?

As far as i know it evolves into Golduck at lvl 33

What type is the Pokemon Golduck?

Golduck is a pure Water-type Pokemon.

Does golduck evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

no golduck does not evolve in any Pokemon game

What level does golduck evolve in Pokemon?

Golduck doesn't evolve.

What level does a golduck evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Golduck does not evolve.

What Pokemon is in the resort area lake?

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: By surfing - Golduck Using Old Rod - Magikarp Using Good Rod - Magikarp and Goldeen Using Super Rod - Gyarados and Seaking Pokemon Platinum: By Surfing - Golduck and Psyduck Using Old, Good, or Super Rod - Magikarp

What does the Pokemon golduck evolve from?

Golduck evolves from Psyduck at level 25.

Is the Pokemon golduck an idol?


Where to find a lickitung in Pokemon platinum?

Actually you can't catch a lickitung so you must first get a Golduck then go to fuchsia city go west and into the big building go upstairs and trade you Golduck for the guy's Lickitung.

How do you evolve Psyduck in Pokemon Crater?

um whats Pokemon crater oh well on platinum u give PSYDUCK a WATER STONE and it will evolve into GOLDUCK OK so try that on CRATER