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Uhh, dude Flygon simply can't fly to a legendary pokemon.

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Q: How can flygon fly to a legendary Pokemon?
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Can flygon learn fly in Pokemon emerald?


What is the best non legendary ground Pokemon?

Flygon, donphan or rypherior

Can flygon learn fly in Pokemon Black and White 2?

Yes, it can.

Which Pokemon can learn HM fly in Pokemon emerald?

Here is the list of Pokemon who can learn Fly: Salamence Rayquaza Crobat Zatu Skarmory Taillow Swellow Wingull Pelliper Vibrava Flygon Swablu Altaria I made Swellow and Flygon Learn IT.

Who is the best dragon type Pokemon in Emerald?

The strongest dragon type in pokemon Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby, is the legendary pokemon Rayquaza. In terms of non-legendary pokemon, both salamance and flygon are strong dragon types.

Best three non-legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald not including the original starters in the game?

1. Milotic 2. Salamence 3. Flygon

Is flygon a ledgendary Pokemon?

Nah, Pokemon that you can get more than one of in games without cheating or trading aren't legendary in my book. I have heard someone call the Dragonite family legendary and Arcanine is actually called "The Legendary" Pokemon, but I think that's more for the TV-series.

Is salamence a lengendary Pokemon?

Salamence is a great Pokemon but it is hard to train. It is way more powerful then either flygon or kingdra. If I were you I wouldn't get garchomp because it cant fly but I would get dragonite because it is equally powerful. Most legendary dragons aren't very powerful.

What region is flygon in on Pokemon?

Flygon is from the Hoenn region.

Where is flygon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

i don't think flygon is in soul siver or heart gold but you can get a trapinch and raise it to a flygon in Pokemon ruby,Sapphire,and emerald

What kind of Pokemon is flygon?

Flygon is a dragon/ground type pokemon. It evolves from Vibrava, which evolves from Trapinch.

In Pokemon Emerald where is flygon?

There is no wild Flygon in Pokemon Emerald. The only way to get one is to evolve your Trapinch into a Vibaba and evolve that into a Flygon. Trapinch is in the desert in of Pokemon emerald.