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The Wii cannot be used as a DVR.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-09 04:15:20
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Q: How can a Wii be used as a dvr?
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If you have dvr box do the wii have to be connected to the dvr box?

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How do you connect wii to cable dvr .I have comcast cable service and a dvr player?

Generally, you can't connect the output of a games console to a cable or satellite DVR. The DVRs normally don't have a video input and are built to record content only from the the broadcaster.

What type of cables do I need to connect my DVR.?

SCSI or HDMI cables are used for connecting your DVR.

What is a car dvr used for where can you get it much cheaper?

Obviously, car DVR is used for recording what happen to your car as evidences when coming across an accident.

Dose a used Wii come with Wii sports?

Yes, all Wii's used or not used... come with wii sports

Can I rig my DVR to record video from a security camera?

Yes, you can get your DVR to record video from a security camera and it's a great option particularly because DVR's have a much greater memory capacity. DVR's can be used with USB or video output cables.

Are there any DVR's that can also be used as DVD players?

Yes, you can find dvd/dvr combos at most major electronics stores.

What is an 8 camera dvr and what is it used for?

An eight camera DVR is a security system with eight cameras. It records activity to a DVR so that you can watch it later.

What is a Geovision dvr card used for?

A Geovision DVR card is used for turning a computer into a video surveillance system. One could purchase this product from shopping websites such as Amazon.

Can I use my DVR with my VCR?

You may need a special adapter which depends on the manufacturer of the DVR and the inputs/outpus on your VCR, but DVRs can be used with VCRs.

What is an 8 camera dvr used for?

Hi there, a camera dvr is used as a videorecorder and is typically hand held. It usually is of much higher video quality and pixels than a typical videocam

What is a Nintendo Wii used for?

Nintendo Wii is used to play on games

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