How big is a yu gi oh card in mm?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The approximate dimensions of a Yu-Gi-Oh card are Length= 86 cm

Width= 59cm

Thickness= 1/6mm

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Q: How big is a yu gi oh card in mm?
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How big is a Yu-Gi-Oh card in cm and mm?

5cm9mm x 8cm5mm

In Yu-Gi-Oh what is 'Darkly Big Rabbi'?

'Darkly Big Rabbi' is a counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh card based on the complete form of Exodia.

Can you give me a Yu-Gi-Oh card?

"Monster Reborn" is the name of a Yu-Gi-Oh card.

What is a yu gi oh card?

It's just part of a trading card game of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Is raviel a Yu-Gi-Oh card?

Yes, Raviel, Lord of Phantasms is a Yu-Gi-Oh! card.

Is there a Yu-Gi-Oh card called big shield defender?

Not that I've heard of. answer: There is no card in that name but maybe you were referring to Big Shield Gardna.

Is King of the Death Demons a good Yu-Gi-Oh card?

There is no legitimate Yu-gi-Oh card with that name.

What is the most powerful 4 star yu-gi-oh card?

the 5 star yu-gi-oh card

Can yu-gi-oh card maker make a real card?

No. The Yu-gi-oh card maker is just for fun, and not officially affiliated with Konami (the company that owns Yu-gi-oh). You can just make cards that look like it but you can not actually print it like a real yu-gi-oh card.

What is the code to unlock yu gi oh in the yu gi oh card vault?


Who created the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game?

Kazuki Takahashi created the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game.

Where do you get Yu-Gi-Oh card's case?

in card tins