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there are 6 cars

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Q: How Many cars are in the battle subway in Pokemon white?
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How many subway battles do you need in Pokemon black and white to battle the boss emmet?

You actually have to have 1,000 BP points. Sorry!

Where to get toxic orb in Pokemon white?

You can get as many as you want from battle subway in both pokemon balck & white, but you'll need a curtain amount of battle points. You can get battle points by beating the battle trains. Once you've done that, go to the desk and they'll give you any item you want unless you have enough points

How many areas are there in the white treehollow on Pokemon Black version 2?

How *many levels are in the white tree hallow in pokemon white 2? There are 10 levels, and on the 10th you battle Alder's son

How many gyms are there in white?

There are 8 Gyms and 12 Gym Leaders. there is 3 in the first gym but you only battle 1 depending on the starter Pokemon you have and there is 2 in the last gym you battle iris if u hav Pokemon white and u battle the other if u hav Pokemon black

How many cars are in the double battle train in Pokemon white?

I think its 7 because some of the others are for definate

Where is ghetsis in Pokemon White?

He will be many places but if you wanna fight him he will battle you at n,s castle Hope this helped:-D

Can you fight the chapion 2 times Pokemon Black and White?

Yes you can battle the elite four and the champion as many times as you want

What happens after you beat Cynthia in Pokemon black?

Nothing really important. You can re-battle Cheren at Victory Road, train further to get your pokemon to level 100, Battle Subway things, exploring... But yeah, nothing really important from now on. You've beaten the game. Hurray~

How do you get a shiny Pokémon in Pokémon white or black?

Shiny Pokemon are completely random in all Pokemon games. Just battle as many Pokemon in the wild as you can, always have a bunch of pokeballs on hand, and never use repels.

How many legendarys are in Pokemon white?

There are 26 legendary Pokemon in Pokemon black/white version.

How many battles are there in the survival battle on Pokemon Battle Revolution?


How many Pokemon that are in Pokemon HeartGold are in Pokemon White?