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Q: How Do You Use Microphone for the DS Lite?
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How can I repair the microphone on my Nintendo DS Lite?

To repair the microphone on a Nintendo DS Lite you should send the unit to an authorized repair center or technician.

What is right by the headphone jack on a ds lite?

A microphone jack.

What does a Nintendo DS Lite microphone do?

The Nintendo DS Lite microphone is used for voice recognition. I have never owned a DS so I am not that familiar with the unit. I have seen some of the children at church us it. That has been my only experience with it.

Where is the microphone in Zelda phantom hourglass?

There is no microphone in the game. However, there is a microphone on your DS. For the DS Lite, the Mic is in the middle of the hinge between the two screens, on a DS (regular) it is on the right side of the hinge.

What do you when you cant blow into your DSI?

Something's probably blocking your microphone. When I had this problem on my DS Lite, the microphone itself was broken.

How do you blow the microphone in the training area in smack down vs raw 2009 Nintendo ds?

You inhale air and let the air out toward the microphone (which is at the center of the DS lite and around the bottom on the regular DS)

Can you use DS lite accessories on the DS I?


Can you use Nintendo DS lite accessories on the old Nintendo DS?

yes you can don't worry. you cannot use the ds lite charger on the ds.

Can you use a ds lite charger for a dsi?

No, the DSi uses a different charge to the DS lite.

Does a DS Lite use a the same games and power cord as a DS?

The DS Lite uses all of the same games as the DS. But the DS Lite has a different (smaller) power cord connector.

Can you use Game Boy Advance on ds lite?

Yes, the DS and DS lite can play GameBoy Advanced games.

Do DS lite games fit the original DS?

Yes, you can use ds lite games in the original Nintendo ds. They are not making new specialized games for the Nintendo ds lite. they are still making games that fit both the original DS and the Nintendo DS Lite.