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Answer:You can get a Hard Hat for free whenever there is a project being done such as fixing the Dojo.

May 25th, 2010, the day the Sports Shop closed down for good, they released the Miner's Hats at the Ski Village. Not exactly the Hard Hat, but if you wear it, and ONLY it, you can dance to get on a jackhammer!

Also go to the mine underground mine and there should be a openening near the puffle rescue and there should be one there! october 1st - ?

Also, there is a miners helmet at the stadium which you can waddle over to and you can get it!

RIP Sports Shop, AKA Winter Sports. November 16th, 2005 - May 25th, 2010. :'(

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Q: How Do You Get A Hard Hat In Club Penguin?
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Where do you get a hard hat in Club Penguin?

at the stadium;]

How do you get the hard hat down from the pole in club penguin?

Go to the Mine Shack. Enter the Mine. Go to the other Mine (If it is the new Club Penguin). If you see a hard hat and a Jackhammer, Click the Hard hat. And there you go! You have your hat!

Where do you get the hard hat from on Club Penguin?

In The Treasure Book!

On club penguin why is the green hard hat undefined?

it isn't

On club penguin what is the new free item?

The Hard Hat is the latest free item on club penguin. I know that people already have the hard hat but people can still get it. It is located in the stadium.

How does a hard hat help?

The hard hat helps when club penguin is building something new. It you dance while wearing the hard hat you will drill and many penguins help so the work gets done.

How do you get a green hard hat on club penguin?

it was an item in the penguin style catalog when the club penguin earth day party 2010 was on. if you dance while wearing the green hard hat and nothing else you will drill trees into the groung

What pole with the hard hat on it club penguin?

Your mom should know

How do drill on Club Penguin?

wear your hard hat and dance to drill

How do you use a hard hat in club penguin?

go to cpcheats .info

How do you get the hard hat and shovel for the hidden lake on club penguin?

you buy it...

Where is the hard hat in club penguin in the gift shop?

Its free in the mine.