Houndour on diamond Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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route 210

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Q: Houndour on diamond Pokemon
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How do you get a growlithe egg in Pokemon diamond?

By breeding Arcanine and Houndour.

Where is houndoom's area in Pokemon Diamond?

Person on top of me, YOUR SOO wrong. You can't get it in diamond you have to have the national and migrate the region houndour is in. then evolve houndour to houndoom. Do this only if you have national

What patch of grass and in the safari zone do you find a Houndour in Pokemon emerald?

you can't you need to trade a houndour from diamond or pearl

How do you get Houndour in Pokemon diamond?

Breed a female Houndoom with a compatible Pokemon and hatch the Egg. I got the information from

Where do you find houndour on Pokemon platinum?

You can't find Houndour is diamond and pearl. You have to transfer it up from a previous generation game. Yes you can, if you have Leaf Green inserted on your DS

How do you get a houndour in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can catch a Houndour in the Altering Cave in Pokemon FireRed.

Where is the houndour egg in Pokemon Diamond?

i am not sure but probably so the only ones that do not are the legendary and starter except for manaphy who's egg is another Pokemon

How do you get a houndoom in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

You get a houndour then evolve it i will update when I find out where to catch houndour

How do you get houndour in diamond?

trade from platnium

Where do you find a houndour in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot catch houndour in Pokemon leafgreen either get one from Pokemon emerald or Pokemon colosseum.

How do you get a male houndour in platinum?

how do you find a male houndour in pokemon platinum

How do you get a houndoom in Pokemon Platinum?

You can get Houndoom in Pokemon Platinum by evolving Houndour. Houndour can be found on Route 214 and Valor Lakefront! Houndour will evolve into Houndoom at level 24.