Hell kittens on RuneScape

Updated: 4/28/2022
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hell kittens r part of the RFD quest. where players have to hunt them down with their cat and gather the spices needed to make the right spice stew. the hell kitten is located in the basemen in the house at Edgvile.

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Q: Hell kittens on RuneScape
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How do you get pets on RuneScape?

You have to be a member. You buy kittens from this one person. then you can raise them normally or feed them hell rat things that will make them hell cats.

Where are the kittens in the lumberyard on RuneScape?

In the shaking boxes

Where can you find hell hounds in runescape?

The Wilderness volcano.

Where are hell rats on RuneScape?

Hell rats can be found in Evil Dave's basement for the quest "recipe for disaster".

In runescape how do you get a hell cat?

You get a hell cat from the quest "Recipe for Disaster". You make your cat "chase vermin" when you are near hell rats and if you do these enough it will turn into a hell cat.

Where are hell rats in runescape?

You can find these Hell Rats in the sewers in Varrock, You can find Varrock by exploring your map, have fun.

What key you need to get to edgevile hell rats in runescape?

A brass key.

How do you be a hell cat on runescape?

I think evil bob's part of recipe for disaster

RuneScape Were to find hell rats?

hell rats are found in evil dave's basement(the basement of a house just west of edgeville bank).

Where do you find doogle leaves on runescape?

There is a place in varrock south-west of the western bank near that lady who sells the kittens.

In runescape how to get a hell cat?

u have to do the "evil dave" part of the "recipe for disaster" quest

What do you di with damaged armor in runescape?

Heres what you do: You go and fix it, easy as hell, aye ?