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go to spear pillar stark mountain gastly mansion and turn back cavern

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Q: Haw to get legindere Pokémon on Pokémon dimend?
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Where do you get arceus in Pokemon dimend?

sorry you cant

Where is Spear Pillar in Pokemon Lake?

in dimend pearl and plantnim

Pokmon emarld cheats?


Can you get a legendary Pokmon in Pokmon arcoiris?

Sadly, no. The creators of the game forgot to add in the Pokedex, so trading is impossible without GameShark. :(

Can you catch Dimend and Pearl Pokemon in Firered?

you can do it by cheating but that is the only way

How do you get Arceus in pokmon?

use action replay

How do you get exp share in Pokemon dimend?

You must win it in the lottery or get it in Eterna City.

How do you get shiny Pokemon on Pokmon Gold?

dfg tyhgtg

Where can you download pokmon FireRed?

You can download it at 4 SHARED.

How do you get vulpix in pokmon sapphire?

at mt. pyre

Is there a pokmon center in Florida?

yes there is. just fly there if you can

How can you move Pokmon on Pokmon Vortex?

well you have to have mewtow and change one to zacrom and then get a pekachu and get 6 enrgy cards and then get one more mew tow and leave it how it is and get i traner and that would be how to do it