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Zelda kisses Link in The Windwaker, so that scene is probably on YouTube.

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Q: Has anybody ever made a video of link and Zelda kissing?
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Have link and Zelda ever kissed?

no it doesnt show them kissing on Zelda and if Zelda and link could kiss they would lol but no it will never happen it only shows Zelda and link staring at each other and that's it

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Actually, yes! At the end of Zelda 2: The Adventure Of Link, once you've beaten the entire game, Zelda and Link kiss! I'm pretty sure they go on to get married too...

Will Zelda and link ever kiss?

Probably! While Link and Zelda are never shown actually kissing during the games, it's quite obvious they have a "Thing" for eachother. So, I guess you just have to wait for future games to see if it happens!

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Do link and Zelda ever kiss in the old Zelda cartoon?


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Has Zelda ever kissed link?

no :(

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