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Found in : Waffle Town Ocean, East Gull Island

Seasons : Spring, Fall, Winter

To get it in Waffle Town Ocean you have to use level 4 or 5 fishing rod.

To get it in East Gull Island (the island with the squirrl) you can fish for it with lower levels.

And it has to be a sunny or cloudy day.

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Q: Harvest moon tree of tranquility where is the tuna?
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How do you get tuna in harvest moon tree of tranquility?

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Where to find tuna in tree of tranquility?

you go to gulls island and fish far out.

How do you get a tuna in harvest moon TOT?

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What is Edge's recipe in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

Edge's Rainbow Recipe: - Tuna (caught on the beaches of Waffle Island, must be level 3 on fishing rod) - Snowflake Flower (Grows in winter, seeds sold at Souffle Farm) - Perfect Honeydew (Grows in summer, seeds sold at Souffle Farm) - Lapis Lazuli (Mine blue crystals in the mine - a sparkly blue wonderful may be refined into a Lapis Lazuli) - Red Honey (plant any red flower - flowers with bees buzzing around will yield red honey)

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Here are the ingredients for the Rainbow Recipes: Daren: Grilled Yam Carp Good Herb Fish Common Seashell Apple Ben: Grilled Eggplant Char Green Herb Plain Omelet Good Tomato Collin: Saury Blue Wonderful Perfect Spinach Banana Red Wool Yarn Alan: Toadstool Wood Fish Green Bell Ostonnaise Carrot Cake Edge: Tuna Snowflake Flower Perfect Honeydew Lapis Lazuli Red Honey You can go to the site in "Related Links" for an explanation on how to get each of these items.

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