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You can find moonstones after floor 54 onwards

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Q: Harvest Moon Magical Melody what floor do you find moonstones?
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What floor can you find diamonds in harvest moon magical melody?


How do you get good clay in Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

Use your hoe on the second floor of Moonlight Mine.

Where do you find a potana root in Harvest Moon magical melody?

Go to the Moonlight Mine and use your hoe on the second floor.

How do you get the under ground lake note in harvest moon magical melody?

You have to reach the bottom floor (floor 100) of the Lake Mine. The Lake Mine is on an island in the center of the Lake. So you can only reach the Lake Mine in Winter when the Lake freezes.

In Harvest Moon magical Melody at the moonlight cave how do you get to the 100th floor before your character automatically goes to bed?

You got to get to moonlight cave early in the morning also when you reach the 100th floor you will receive a power berry from Tim. Hope it Helps.

How do you get married on Harvest Moon Magical Melody Wii?

When you have your spouse on 8 heart you need a "blue feather" to marry and mayor will visit you at 6:00am when it not rain or snow. Mayor will tell you about blue feather you need climb the mountain to get blue feather on floor. When you arrive on top mountain the scene will start

On harvest moon magical melody how do you feed the foldder to your animals?

Purchase it from Blue Sky Ranch, which is where Ellen works, and it is in a bin on the wall inside of your barn, go up to it and press A, bring it over to the wooden bin on the floor and drop it by pressing A again. Also you can take it and press A when your facing the animal and it aunomatically feeds it.

When was The Harvest Floor created?

The Harvest Floor was created on 2009-01-20.

How do you get a Power Berry in Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

There are a few different ways. 1. Win the Beach Festival on Summer 3rd 2. Collect 30 Musical Notes and then go to the Goddess Spring 3. Win the Carpenter's W.S. Cup Horse Race 4. Reach the 100th floor of the mine near Jamie's ranch 5. Participate in the Pumpkin Festival

How do you feed your animals on harvest moon magical melody?

Go to Blue Sky Ranch, purchase fodder for cows, sheep, and horses, then purchase feed for chickens. There is a thing on the wall inside your barn that you can get fodder from. Place it down in front of where the animal is standing, which is in the small wooden bin on the floor, or take the food and just give it to them. On the game cube you press Z three times and if their name is in green, that means you dont have to give them something for the rest of the day.

What is the last floor in the 2 mine on harvest moon ds?

The last floor in mine two is floor 255. That floor has the Legendary Sword.

Where do you find the Harvest Lord?

The last floor of the mines, on the platform.