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If you want instructions for any sort of LEGO creation (that isn't owned by Lego) then I'd just search it and look at the first couple of links. I know that quite a few people have made Halo Lego on Moc-Pages and on personal sites. Try the related links below.

Saber-Scorpion (need to buy instructions from store)

Mocpages (doesn't have instructions)

YouTube (IS instructions)

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Q: Halo Lego scorpion tank instructions
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Does avatar copy things from halo?

Yes, many people believe that James Cameron took some ideas from the Halo series. For example: The scorpions in Avatar and the Scorpions in Halo look almost exactly the same. Banshees in Avatar are the flying dragon like creatures that are rode by the Na'vi. The guns that are used by the humans are quite similar to Halo guns. I believe there are also warthogs in Avatar. All of these similarities, and it would be an amazing coincidence. No, Avatar DOES NOT copy anything from Halo. Bungie took elements from James Cameron's Aliens and JC's Terminator (if you notice the giant flying drop ship in Aliens and the HK flyers in Terminator). Bungie said on their site just yesterday, "This might be a good place to make mention that the recent ruckus in the press over accusations that Cameron had infused Avatar with some Halo-esque attributes have given us a good chuckle. We've always been quite clear -- and it should be quite apparent to anyone paying any modicum of attention -- that Halo was influenced, in part, by Cameron's 'Aliens.'" The Scorpion in Halo is a tank, and the Scorpion in Avatar is something more similar to the HORNET in Halo, not the Scorpion. Yes there are flying creatures in Avatar that the humans reference as banshees, but hell if this movie is supposed to take place in the future, why wouldn't people reference Halo like that when it was such an amazing game? The guns do not look a thing like the ones in Halo, and no, there are no warthogs in Avatar, they just ride jeeps, which you see once or twice throughout the entire THREE HOUR FILM. If you want to complain about someone copying elements from Halo, go back and watch District 9 (great movie btw). That film has white warthogs in it that don't have turrets. Hmm... Probably cuz Peter Jackson's Weta workshop made a live action warthog for the ODST landfall trailer.... Just a coincidence though. I'm sure they've copied Halo just like Cameron did. LIES THIS PERSON EATS COWS THAT ARE NOT DEAD YET I LOVE GNOMES

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Tank trouble has no cheats

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Where can you find instructions to build a scorpion tank?

in a lego halo box or set

Is there a scorpion tank on Halo 3?

Yes.... The scorpion tank is in every halo game.. (:

How do you take out a scorpion tank on halo?

you get a plasma grenade then you get a rocket launcher.first you throw the grenade then shoot the tank with a rocket launcher.

What vehicles are in Halo 2?

Banshee Ghost Scorpion tank Spectre Teleports Warthog Wraith

How do you build a halo scoirpian tank?

You cant build any Scorpion Tanks in the Halo series. No custom able vehicles. There are many MODS , in Halo 1 and 2 . Maybe then once you learn how to MOD and Hack then you can build your own Tank.

How much does a LEGO Scorpion Tank weigh?

It weighs from 1 to 20 pounds, anywhere in that range it depends on which one you have.

How do build a LEGO tank?

If you want to build a Lego tank, your best shot is to get some research from the Internet. Try typing 'Lego Tank' into Google images or just Google and see what it comes up with. As it is not an official set, there is not much more you can do. YouTube is also a great place for Lego step-by-step guides.

What is strongest vehicle in Halo reach?

The UNSC Scorpion (the human tank). I believe it and the Covenant's Wraith (the alien tank) are the same as far as how many bullets, rockets, grenades, etc. it takes to destroy them, but the Scorpion is much better, and much more lethal, making it hard to get close to destroy it.

Where are all the scarab guns?

1 is on outskirts in a green scarab on halo 2 another on metropolis on a high high building on halo 2 the 3rds on metropolis on co-op in the scarab near the scorpion tank on halo 2 last but not least the 4th and last is on the storm in a secret room on halo 3!

In halo 3 what is the cheat to drive the scarab when you are not in Xbox live?

No, there is no really way, execpt if your in a scarab with a scorpion tank, and where ever you aim the scarab aims or moves that way. So it is sort of a way.

I was wondering where you can get free Lego instructions for building a Lego tank If any could help me that would be great?

You could try a site found below, I hope that helps. I've used it alot to build many things!

How do you get a tank on Halo?

you find it