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I don't know any cheats, but I don know where to find him. Cap'n Angler is at the Beach by the Lighthouse. To find the Lighthouse go down and to the east. Keep going until you find it. (it can be hard to find)

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Q: Giga Pets Explorer Quest Cheats for Cap'n Angler?
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Where do you find the rope for Capn Ds quest on HorseIsle?

You go to the bottom of vine isle, in a tree house there is a lady named Ester.she will tell you go west and use your binocular's. You will need to find five vines for her.

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Where can you download the capn crunch crunchling game?

Where is Capn Salty on big nate island?

Cap'n Salty is at the lighthouse, bemoaning the loss of his best lobster trap. If you recover it for him, he will give you the jetski keys. (see related question)

How do you recover capn's saltys lost lobster trap on big nate island?

Dive into the water, and go all the way to the bottom left. Go to it, and it will be saved in your inventory. Swim to the surface as fast as possible. Try to catch a lift on the air bubbles. Bring it to the Captain.

How do you get capn salty trap so you can get the lobster for the light house oon big nate island on poptropica?

Captain salty's trap in underwater. To go underwater you will need to give the old photograph to the guy who is in the photo studio,he will give you the swimsuit.Put it on and dive underneath the water to get the trap.

How do you get the map that tells you the secret place in big nate?

Okay, first you have to go to Puffin Point and look in the telescope and you will see seals on it. You get the lobster trap for Capn' Salty and he gives you keys. then you race Nate to the map. Get the peanut butter crackers and them where the X is. It is ALL on youtube... go check buddy! =)

In Big Nate Island how do you move those girls from there?

well, you need to find out Nate's combo code which is9305. onece you do that, go down to the school and grab the blueprint and down to detention. go into the file cabinet. turn on the power switch and it wil show you a brown clapper thing hanging by a nail, so grab that. then go to the lighthouse place and get the lobster capn salty gave you. (note: if you don't know what im talking about, talk to capn salty and swap a old photo for some swimming gear down at the photo shop, then go to the bottom right hand corner and grab the lobster trap) and he will give you a lobster and some keys. use the lobster as a wrench to screw the light on the seagulls nest and it will move so that's how you do that because the girls will move)

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How do you get to capn. stern in sapphire?

Did you see the museum with all the Aqua Grunts blocking the entrance? South of that is a large brown building with a sign next to it. Go in and Cap. Stern is the one at the table looking at the blueprints for a ship. Talk to him, then you can enter the museum. Before you move on and fight the grunts, talk to the Aqua Grunt right north of the exit of the museum. He will give you TM46 Thief. Hope I helped.

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