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go to lilycove city then to mossdeep city then to pacifidlog town and not any other

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Q: Get past water rapids on Pokemon sapphire?
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What do you do in Pokemon Sapphire to get past team aqua and team magma in mt chimney?

Google Pokemon sapphire walkthrough and search through a walkthrough

How do you get past the Team Aqua grunts in Pokemon sapphire version?

you cant but there might be a cheat

What will you do to fight your rival in Pokemon sapphire?

Make all your Pokemon past level 57. You will definitely beat him or her then. Good luck!

In Pokemon sapphire how do you get past the boulder blocking you from the team aqua leader?

You need HM Strength.

How do you get Kantos starters in Pokemon diamond?

Just migrate from the past games Pokemon leafgreen/firered or ruby/Sapphire/emerald. Then you will have them all.

Pokemon sapphire how to get past trees?

well on normal trees u can't but on small ones u can use cut and on the one in the battle frontier water it with the wailmer pail.

How do you get the Johto Pokemon onto Pokemon Diamond?

migrate the Pokemon from past game boy advanced games like emerald, firered, leafgreen, sapphire and ruby.

How do you get off the ferry SS in Pokemon sapphire?

just wait you could take a rest in your cabin to past the time

On Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what does past games mean?

Past games means like emerald, sapphire, ruby fire red, leaf green all those are past games

When I try to trade between Pokemon sapphire and FireRed I can't get past the choose a leader part?

In sapphire you need to beat the elite 4 and in fire red you must give Celio his ruby and his sapphire. if that is already done and still no luck then i can't help you.

How do you get past team aqua in when the are guarding the cable car in Pokemon Sapphire?

yeah im trying to figure tht out! if anybody noes PLZ share

What route is the fire path to get fire stone in Pokemon sapphire?

The route to the north of Mauville City past the rock smash rocks and east of Lavaridge Town.