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I have fx 5500, I can play

1-GTA sa


3-Fable(the lost chapters)

4-NFS Most wanted

5-NFS Pro Street(Too slow!!!)

6-Guitar Hero(slow)

7-Assassin's creed

8-Prince of Persia the two thrones


10-NFS underground 2


12-C&C red alert 2


14-Global conflicts- Palestine

And will be trying more...

My PC details-



Pentium 4 (2.26GHz)

FX 5500 (256MB)

Are You sure about Assasins creed


****assasin's creed wont run without vertex/pixel v3.0 (5500 has 2.0)

the card will run decently PoP 1, warrior within and two thrones


Oblivion (with performance enhancer mods)

The Witcher (enhanced edition ONLY) else the pc configuration would die in crowded areas


gothic 3 (with communty patch)

Two worlds (low settings)

jade empire

and pretty much most games who accept shader 2.0 (ofc some better than others)**** edited by

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Q: Games supported by nvidia geforce fx 5500?
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Which games work on nvidia geforce fx 5500?

dawn of war II

Can nvidia geforce fx 5500 support the last remnant?

Sorry the last remnant will not support Nvidia geforce 5500 graphics card is is to old of a graphics card your going to have to buy a Nvidia geforce 8600gt or a 8800gt i have already went threw the same thing.

Why Devil May Cry 4 can't play at nvidia geforce 5500?

== ==

Is the nvidia geforce fx 5500 compatible with windows xp service pack 3?

Yeah, sure it is. You just need a compatible motherboard and the needed drivers from the Nvidia website.

What good games can you play on your nvidia geforce fx 5500?

I have a Nvidia GeForce FX5500 256MB 128Bit AGP and i can play: Source Engine Games(Half-Life 2, Counter Strike: Source Team Fortress 2)(Low-Medium Settings) Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 (Medium Settings) I think call of duty 2 will run on your card. They are more examples on games that can run on your card online/

Can your nvidia geforce fx 5500 support shader model 3.0 to call of duty 4 for PC?

no. cant 6600+ model supports shader

Can your nvidia geforce fx 5500 support BioShock?

I am very familiar with nvidia graphics cards and the answer to your question is NO. That game has Graphics that are too good for the 5500. You'll need the 9800 to have the graphics on high, but I'm not sure if full. If you so happen to want full Graphics, get the nvidia 260, 280, 285, 275, or the 295. I hope this is handy for you, and if you want the best deals on these cards, goto

Can your nvidia geforce fx 5500 support PES 2009 game?

p4 2.8 1g ram fx5500 =yes pes p4 2.8 1g ram fx5500 =yes pes

Hi i have a nvidia geforce fx 5500 graphics card can you play wow on it?

I played wow with a geforce 3 ti 200 and it run perfectly, so im quite optimistic that you wont have problems running it. Make sure you have your graphic drivers up to date to enjoy the best your card can offer, though! ;)

Geforce FX 5500 256MB 128 Bit Downloading Driver?


Call of duty 4 can be run in geforceFX 5500?

no because the minimum is geforce 6600

Is the Geforce FX 5500 256MB 128 Bit Downloading Driver still available?