Fun stuff to when the gets boring?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well if you can go places then there is Bowling, indoor or outdoor mini Golf, movies,shopping, friends houses, take a walk, rock climbing, lazer craze, if you are a kid you could go to monkey joes, bonkers, pump it up, If you can't go anywhere and its rainy Go on the computer

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Q: Fun stuff to when the gets boring?
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Is finding stuff fun or boring?

Totally boring

Is NFL tour a good game?

kinda fun but it gets boring quick.

What are some fun activities to do with your friends not boring stuff?

you can try shooting an apple over their head

Which is better nothing or boring stuff?

boring stuff. you can trade the boring stuff for something cooler

Positives and negatives of being a historian?

it gets really boring sometimes but other times its fun

Why isn't life fun?

maybe because you think life is boring to other people it it is fun. maybe you need to get more active and stuff so that you will think life is fun.

Who is better Mario or Angry Birds?

Mario and Angry Birds are equally good. Both are really fun but sometimes Angry Birds gets boring and Mario is never boring especially Mario party. It's fun!

Is math boring or fun or annoying?

no math is not fun or annoying but it can be boring at times

What is another word for the opposite as fun?

not fun, lame, boring, sucks,

Is Godfather fun?

If you are talking about The Godfather the video game, i can say it is very fun until you become the Don of New York City. Then the game gets sorta boring.

What can you learn about Tuck Everlasting?

Stuff, boring stuff, you should not read this book it is extreamly boring!

Why is maths boring?

Maths is fun for some people but some people ( e.g. me ) find math boring. Its probably because we dont like using our brain for stuff and we find calculators our math saviours