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Poptropica,barbiegirls,buildabearville,weeworld,Yahoo(emails),millsberry,the slap

hopethis helps

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Q: Fun gams where you get to make avatars?
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How do you get fun avatars on Howrse?

Many players including moderators make those fun looking, animated avatars on commission Just send them a message if you see them advertising on their page or website, and ask them to make you one. You can also find free one by searching google for (Howrse avatars), and you can make your own if you have a graphics editing program like gimp or photoshop.

Can you make avatars on PS3?

No, there is a list of avatars you have to use.

How do you make avatars on AOL?

Requirement for AOL Avatars are 50x50 diemension and 7KB in size. Website below to help you make. You can also google for plenty of Avatars.

Are there any kissing virtual worlds with avatars?

boombang chat and play has avatars and kissing very fun imvu is awesome and u up there a LIER

What are fun games like thay have avatars and animals?

Puzzles are fun. Actually, just any board games! :)

What are fun websites for kids to make avatars?

My daughter really likes to play Cartoon Doll Emporium. But it does cost money sometimes, if she wants things on it.

What is Gams's population?

Gams's population is 3,272.

How do you use the word gams in a sentence?

The gams on that dame are priceless.

Where do you get avatars for naruto arena?

The avatars have to be 75x75 you can ask in the forum for one, it is free, or you can make one yourself.

When did Vogtei of Gams end?

Vogtei of Gams ended in 1798.

How many stars are on gams cape?

their are three stars on gams cape

When was Pius Bonifacius Gams born?

Pius Bonifacius Gams was born in 1816.