Full form of sonic

Updated: 4/28/2022
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hyper sonic

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Q: Full form of sonic
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How do you go to ball form on sonic unleashed?

you do sonic boost rapidly but i suggest you use it when your bar it full

What is Sonic's full name?

Sonic the Hedgehog.

Can Sonic fly in Sonic x?

no...but sonic can fly when he is in his super form

Has sonic gt as mega hyper super form?

but has only super form and hyper form in other words super sonic and hyper sonic

Is hyper sonic in sonic riders?

No only Super Sonic is an available alternate form for Sonic.

Where can you get the full Sonic test run game?

the full game is coming on october 2007 sonic test run full version is never coming

What is sonic firewall?

Sonic firewall is sonic in his fire form and a virus on a computer

Where can you download full version of sonic heroes 2?

there is no sonic hereos 2!

When will the full version of sonic battle cards come out?

Sonic Most Plays

Does Sonic x have ultra Sonic?

Assuming you mean a super form called Ultra Sonic, No

Does shadow the hedgehog have a dark form?

He does not have a dark form, but he is maybe like sonic's dark form because he looks like sonic.

What is Sonic's strongest form in Moebius?

hyper sonic he is in sonic and knuckles 3