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Q: Fruit or vegatable beginning with J?
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Is there a vegatable beginning with U?

ugly fruit

Fruit or vegatable beginning with the letter w?

Watermelon is a fruit. Watercress is a vegetable.

Is a watermelon a fruit or vegatable?

It is a fruit .

In the UK is the tomato a fruit or a vegatable?


Is a pineapple a fruit or vegatable?

pineapple is a fruit

Is canteloupe a fruit or vegatable?

Canteloupe is a fruit

Is a eggplant a fruit or vegatable?

Eggplant is a fruit.

Are peanuts a fruit or a vegatable?

dry fruit :)

Is watermelon a vegatable?


What vegatable or fruit begins with a you?

· uvilla

A fruit or vegatable of 8 letters?


Is a strawberry a fruit or vegatable?

Strawberries are fruits