Free Online Virtual Breeding Games

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Theres LOTS!

-Fishferous (online fish breeding game)

-Creature Breeder (breed adorable virtual pets)

-Foopets (adopt a realistic virtual pet, play with it, care for it and breed)

-Neopets (not exactly breeding, but adopt up to 4 adorable neopets)

-Facinity (online fish breeding game)

-Howrse (horse equestrian and breeding)

-Spore (can't be played directly from the IE or FF but best of these)


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Q: Free Online Virtual Breeding Games
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Are there any free online dog breeding games?

yes virtual bark is

Any good dog free online virtual dog breeding games?

Is there a free horse breeding game that you can see the horses breeding?

There are some virtual horse breeding games available for free online, such as Howrse or MyStable. These games allow players to breed and manage horses, but the breeding process is usually represented through text or basic animations rather than graphic visuals.

Are there any free virtual wolf breeding games with no downloading?

wolf quest its really cool i hope this helped also dog and cat breeding games are foopets

Where can you play free online virtual family games?

go to

Were some good virtual games online? is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

Any good dog free online virtual animal breeding and showing games? is a really fun dog breeding and showing game. It is really fun. There is also a game that is called Virtual Pups my friend told me about I don't play it but my friend really enjoys it you should try it

Where can I play virtual games online?

There are many websites available with free virtual games. A couple of my favorites are and .

What are some free online virtual games that you dont have to download for kids?

Online games that are cool not babyish and for free? is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

Free online horse breeding games? You can sign up with marsyay as your sponsor. (:

What are free wolf breeding games online?

One is called Wajas it is like a wolf/dog breeding sim game