Fossil Pokemon FireRed

Updated: 4/28/2022
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By defeating Super Nerd Miguel at the end of Mt. Moon, you will be able to choose from two Fossils: the Helix Fossil, and the Dome Fossil. Later in the game, when you make it to Cinnabar Island where the seventh gym is located, you will be able to change your fossil back into a Pokémon at the laboratory. If you picked the Helix Fossil, your Pokémon will be Omanyte, and if you picked the Dome fossil, your Pokémon will be Kabuto.

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Q: Fossil Pokemon FireRed
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What pokemon does the Dome Fossil turn into in Pokemon FireRed?

The Dome Fossil can be revived into the pokemon kabuto.

Which fossil is the omyante in Pokemon FireRed?


How do you get second fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

You Cant

Where can you generate a fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

Fossils cannot be created in Pokemon FireRed, there is a finite number of them to find.

Which fossil do you go to to get kabuto on Pokemon FireRed?

The Left One

What is the dome fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

If taken to cinnbar island's research lab you can revive the Pokemon inside the fossil which will be Kabuto.

Where do you restore a fossil Pokemon in FireRed?

At cinnabar island at the pokemon lab third door.

What do you have to do with the fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

Take it to the museum in cinnabar city to have it revived

How can get a Pokemon out of a dome fossil in FireRed?

cinnabar island research center

How do you get the second fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

The ocean one in the museum.

Can you have a dome and helix fossil in FireRed?

Yeah you can. You can ask a friend who has one of the Kanto Games to trade a Pokemon holding the fossil and you can regenerate it, breed another Pokemon of the fossil it regenerates, then trade back!

Who do you give the fossile to get the Pokemon on Pokemon firered?

give the fossil to the museim dude in peweter.(sorry about the bad spelling :)