Fate cheat codes

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Press ctrl, shift, and ~ and the prompt will show up.

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Q: Fate cheat codes
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Are there cheat codes for Fate?


What is the wildtangent unlock codes for fate?


How can you hack your way in to FATE?

I.... really don't know...The only way you can hack into FATE is download it on to your computer and search,"Cheat codes for FATE" on But that's all I know...

What cheatcodes are in wanted weapons of fate?

there are no cheat codes for this game my friend i am supposed it is on the xploder cheat system on xbox but PC you will probably have to get a patch for it an dps3 will just be another xploder thing hope this helps

After you enter the cheat in fate what do you do?

Have fun.

What are codes on fate?

Honey, There is not very many good non-expired codes on fate, I don't know a single one that hasen't expired so sorry hon

How do you advance a rank by using a cheat on fate undiscovered realms?

yes you do

Is there a cheat code in fate to get a billion gold?

no i dont think so

A cheat to get level ups in fate?

u press ctrl+shift+~ at the same time type in 'God' LOL A CHEAT... --------------------------^

What is the cheat for gold in fate the game?

there is a cheat for gaia online..our guild has a simple codec used to hack into the scrpts and take out all the information and codes to replace with our on codes..or in english, we hack in and replace codes for everyone in our guild. first you have to add or guild leader. his user name is gals parades. find him and request him then private message him tell him what you want in your account. it really works! your loss if you dont try it.

What the best cheat to gain fame in fate?

Hold shift+ctrl+~ and type fame #

In fate what is the best fish to give your dog?

flawless ruffy, the cheat actually works for it...