Famous people with the name Jamie?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Fox

Jamie Farr

Jamie Powles

Gay boy Reynolds

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Q: Famous people with the name Jamie?
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How many famous people are named Jamie?

Jamie lynn spears Jamie foxx Jamie mcmurray these are the only important ones. find out the rest yourself!! :)

What famous people came from Essex?

jamie oliver x :D

Famous people from uk?

Jamie Oliver, Leona Lewis, Phil Collins

What is the name of Jamie Oliver's brother?

There is no information about a possible brother of famous chef, Jamie Oliver. However, he does have a sister named Anna Oliver.

Famous people named Jamie?

Jamie Oliver - British TV Chef Jamie McMurray - NASCAR Driver Jamie Kennedy - Actor Jamie Foxx - Actor Jamie Hyneman - MythBuster Jamie Langenbrunner - Hockey Player Jamie Moyer - Baseball Pitcher Jamie Lynn Spears - Actress and sister of Britney Spears

How many people have the name Jamie?

there is lots and lots xx

What is the birth name of Jamie Cockburn?

Jamie Cockburn's birth name is Jamie Scott Cockburn.

Who are some famous people that cook?

Some famous chefs are, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Rachael Ray, and Bobby Flay.

Who are all the people in the Blame It Video by Jamie Foxx?

jamie foxx, forest whitaker, Jake gyllenhaal, samual l. Jackson, Ron howard those are all of the really famous people

What is the birth name of Jamie Dundee?

Jamie Dundee's birth name is Jamie Cruickshanks.

What is the birth name of Jamie Draven?

Jamie Draven's birth name is Jamie Donnelly.

Where does the name Jamie originate?

The name Jamie originates from the Hebrews. The meaning behind the name Jamie is "he who supplants". The name Jamie is often used as the feminine form of James.