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Famous People, first names O: * Oscar De La Hoya, professional boxer * Oscar Wilde, author * Olivia Newton John * Olivia De Haviland actress, (Melony in "Gone with the Wind") * Oren Hatch, US Congressman * Oxana Biule, Olympic figure skater Famous People, last names O: * Barack O'bama * Michele O'bama * Bobby Orr, former hockey star, Boston Bruins * Soledad O'Brien, CNN News * Rosie O'Donnell * Rick O'Casey, lead singer, "The Cars" * Buck Owens, country singer, Hee Haw star * Ryan O'Neal, actor * Annie Oakley, historical figure of the old west * Peter O'Toole, actor * Suzy Oreman, financial expert, author, often a guest on Larry King and other cable shows * Tatum O'Neal, actress * Gary Oldham, actor * Joyce Carol Oats, author

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Q: Famous people beginning with the letter o?
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