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OK, you do black paint, tiny earmuffs, the paint with the ! on it x2, take off the tiny earmuffs, put on big ones, black paint, then the paint with the ! on it, last you take off the big earmuffs.

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Q: Factory balls 3 answers to level 13?
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How do you complete level 13 in factory balls 2?

There is no level 20 in factory balls (unless you are talking about factory balls number 1, 2 or 3)!

How do you you beat factory balls?

here's how to beat Factory balls: level 1: tools order: 2,1 level 2: tools order:2,3,1,3 level 3: tools order:2,1,1 level 4: tools order:4,6,2,6 level 5: tools order:2,1,3,1,2 level 6: tools order:2,3,1,4,4,3 level 7: tools order:2,4,3 level 8: tools order:1,4,2,3,4 level 9: tools order:4,3,1,5 level 10: tools order:3,2,6,6,1,5,5,4 level 11: tools order:2,4,1,5,2,4,3,5 level 12: tools order:2,4,1,3,4 level 13: tools order:3,4,5,2,6,1,4 level 14: tools order:2,4,3,1,3

How do you complete level 13 on factory balls 2?

you put the horizontal belt on and dip in pink,them take it off and put the vertical belt on,put other belt on top and dip in pink,take belts off and you did it!

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How do you do level 13 of factory balls 2?

put the horizontal belt on dip it in the purple paint take that belt offput on the vertical belt dip it in purple. leave that belt on and put on the other belt on to so both belts are on!dip it in the blue and you get the blue ball with purple strips and white square!!!

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How do you beat level 13 on factory balls?

first you leave the ball white and plunge out once for an ear, then you put glasses on it and dunk it in blue paint and plunge out once more the small ear, then with the glasses still on put it in th epink paint and take the glasses off! hope this helps! ps took me a while too

Were is level 13 on this website?

There is no level 13 it only goes up to level 10

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