FF7 ps1 how to get SHIELD materia?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The shield materia can only be found in the northern cave. You have to enter the northern cave on disc 3 and climb down until the point where you have to choose a direction to go. To get shield, take the left path, then you will have to decide on a direction again i can't remember whether you go up or down but if you choose the right path you should end up in some slimy place which looks a bit like someone's insides. Go to the next room and there you should see a green blob on one of the slimy bits this is the shield materia. Hope I helped =)

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Q: FF7 ps1 how to get SHIELD materia?
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How do you get the contain materia on disk 3 of ff7?

buy a mimmet green from the chocobo ranch and talk to the white chocobo at the bottom left corner at the top of the hill in mideel, scratch him behind the ears and he will give you the contain materia

Can you use ps1 codebreaker codes on PS3?

Yes, I'm using codebreaker for FF7 on my PS3 right now and it works just fine.

In final fantasy VII for the PS1 how do you get the Ramuh summoning materia orb if you forgot to pick it up when you were about to race a chocobo in Corel?


Where do you get the phoenix summon in ff7 crisis core?

When in neighbulhighem (Cloud's hometown) if u come out of the hotel and go straight there's a boy, talk to him and he'll tell u about the "Seven Wonders", he'll tell you about the red water in the town, go to the water tower and climb it u'll see that the red water is just color leaking from a piece of materia, that materia is the Pheonix materia

How do you get to Genesis in the last bit of FF7 Crisis Core to kill him?

You must collect the seven holy materia and place them within a statue, a set of doors will then open up and you may begin your confrontation with Genesis.

In ff7 crisis core can i use materia fusion to create a dmw spell that i can use anytime in battle?

No you cannot, DMW's are summond randomply using the rolling box on the upper left hand of the screen.

What final fantsay games is the characters of kingdom hearts in?

squall comes from ff8, cloud comes from ff7, tifa ff7, yuffies ff7, cid ff7, aerith ff7

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check it out bud, during the time of ps1 there were so many demo discs. ff7 was a game on a demo disc, IQ was a game on a demo disc.

What is next in psp final fantasy crisis core?

It was a prequal to FF7, which means there is no 'next' unless they remake FF7 or create a sequal to FF7, which there is no news of at this time.

When does Final Fantasy 7 DLC come out?

FF7 is on the psn and there is no dlc, and for the fiftieth time too ff7 fanboys they havent given any evidence of an ff7 remake

How do you play Japanese games on PS1?

Why play a PS1 game at all? Xenogears, FF7, FF8, FF9 - while shooters have gotten newer and prettier over the years, RPGs will always have stories to tell. And no, I don't believe NTSC PSX's will play Japanese games - your best bet would be to legally acquire a copy of the Japanese bios file, and run the game on an emulator. Legally, of course.

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Timothy Field Allen has written: 'The encyclopedia of pure materia medica' -- subject(s): Homeopathy, Materia medica, Materia medica and therapeutics, Materia medicas, Pharmacology 'Handbook of materia medica and homoeopathic therapeutics' -- subject(s): Homeopathy, Materia medicas, Materia medica and therapeutics, Materia Medica