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First get an item then put it in the locker

walk forward 2 steps

go back again to the locker t

then kunin mo uli ung items mo drop sia dapat walang tao

sabay loot mo tapos exit game agad

pag ka open mo nung game meron ka sa invent mo tsaka sa locker nung item


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Q: Duplicate items ran online private server?
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How u duplicate items in runescape private servers?

Most servers that have updated to 508 can't have items duped unless obtained by server owner or they are a server owner otherwise.

How to take items from private server to main server wow?

You can't. Impossible, lol. Private servers are essentially a different game from World of Warcraft and as such are incompatible.

Where is the unlock items online section of club penguin?

When it asks you to select a server click unlock items online.

Are RuneScape private server items kept?

It depends on the server that you are playing. In most cases you will keep the items for each time that you log-in. These items earned on the server can not be "moved over" to real runescape in any way, they are 100% part of the server. Please note that runescape private servers are a common way for people to get viruses, google a RSPS toplist and choose something that many people are playing.

How do you duplicate items in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't duplicate items unless you use a gameshark

Duplicate items in pokemon?

You can't duplicate items in Pokemon. Only if you have the Action Replay or GameShark, then you can.

How do you duplicate items on RuneScape?

There is no way to duplicate items in Runescape. Although there was a bug once which did allow a person to duplicate party hats, this was quickly fixed.

Are only the private servers on wow free?

Yes, playing on a private server is mostly free. Some servers offer donor-specific items, but you can still get the blizzlike experience for free. I recommend Eternal-WoW, it is one of, if not the best private server out there.

Can you duplicate items in RuneScape?


Item code list for runescape private servers?

This is a Runescape Spawning server, and has good items to spawn. DFSCAPE is the name of the server. For a list of items, go to: (To play the server, go to: Glad to answer your question! Hope I helped? -Pogonium

Is there a good World of Warcraft item creator?

You can create your own private server and create your own items for it using mangos.

How do you duplicate items in growtopia?

You cant