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Assuming you meant without overwriting, the only way would be to 'cheat' like folding the paper.

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The only way you can do it is to make the box a 3D box. You can’t do it just making a regular box on paper.

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Q: Drawing a box with a x in it with out lifting your pencil?
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How do you make a x inside a box without lifting your pen?

use a pencil

How do you solve the x in a box puzzle Where you have to make it look like there is an x in a box and you have to make that without lifting your pencil or going over previous lines. No curvy lines.?

I think it is impossible

How do you draw 2 connected squares with an x in both of them and i triangle on the very top without lifting you pencil or overlapping?

There is no such thing as a i triangle

How do you draw a square with four triangles surrounding it with a x in the square without lifting your pencil?

Its easy if you are allowed to retrace over one of your lines.- try it and see.

Is it possible to draw an x with a box around it with 4 half circles around the box without picking up your pen or drawing a line twice?


How do you draw an x in a box without picking up your pencil or overlapping?

It's a trick question, one that is from a famous puzzle. It is the one that spawned the phrase, think "outside the box." The puzzle is this. Nine dots are arranged so that they form a square, three rows of three dots, equally spaced. Now, draw four straight lines that run through all nine dots, all without lifting your pencil from the paper. Most folks will feel the need to constrain their lines to the imaginary boundaries that define the "box" although no such rule was stated. By drawing far "outside the box," the lines are easily executed.

Pencil puzzles with out lifting your pencil?

Without lifting your pencil (until you finish of course) draw on a regular 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. You must make a complete circle, and a second circle inside of the first. The circles cannot connect. The line made by the pencil must be continuous. Impossible? Think outside of the box. Make a drawing as shown (ommiting dots) 1.......2..........3 a.......b..........c Connect 1 to a b and c, and the same for 2 and 3. One rule - the lines must not cross (and a line from a number cannot go through a letter, it can go to it, but no further). Try it, and complete it if you can. Can't figure out either? Hint for puzzle 1: Think of how the line could continue to somewere else on the paper and the on to the middle of the circle. Hint for puzzle number 2: There is no hint that wouldn't give it away. There is only 1 solution (there are of course different ways to draw it though).

How much power is used when a 100 N box is lifted 10 m in 5 sec?

The work done in lifting the box is given by W = force x distance = 100 N x 10 m = 1000 J. Since power is the rate at which work is done, the power used in lifting the box is P = work / time = 1000 J / 5 sec = 200 Watts.

How many 12 cm pencils could fit into a 25cm x 15cm x 12cm box?

there is not enough information to calculate. the box may only fit one if the pencil happens to be 25cm wide and 15 cm high

How much work has been done when a 20kg box is lifted 0.7m?

The work done in lifting the box over the distance of 0.7m can be calculated using the equation: work = force x distance x cosine(theta). Assuming the force applied is equal to the weight of the box (20kg x 9.8m/s^2), the work done would be (20kg x 9.8m/s^2) x 0.7m = 137.2 Joules.

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The stone used in a pencil is lead. x

How do you measure the volume of a box of cookies?

The volume of a box of cookies (or any other box, for that matter) can be found by multiplying the length, width and height of the box together. To discover the volume of a box, measure each dimension, and be sure to use the same units for each measurement. With the three dimensions in hand, grab your calculator or a pencil and paper and multiply length x width x height and find your answer in cubic units (whatever you chose to measure in).