Does yami love yugi

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He likes Yugi as the older brother and partner or dad to his son who he has to take care of.

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They like each other as friends.

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Q: Does yami love yugi
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Where is yami yugi on yugi oh nightmare troubadour?

You just find him randomlly sometime's it will be Yugi moto sometime's Yami yugi

Who is the creator of yami yugi and yugi moto?

The creaters of Yami Yugi/Yugi moto Is also the creater of Yu-Gi-Oh! itself. Kazuki Takahashi.

Does yugi muto have a girlfriend?

No yugi is gay with yami

Who created yami yugi and yugi moto?

Kazuki Takahashi

Why does joey punch yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Well he doesnt punch yugi. He punches his alter ego. Yami Yugi. Atim. ANyway what happens is yugi gets lost or somthing. so joey, Tristan yami yugi and tea are like in a caravan site. so yami yugi says '' He's gone and its my fault.'' And Joey says ''Get a grip man'' and punches yami yugi and he goes tumbling on the floor

What does the Millenium puzzle do?

it turns yugi into YAMI YUGI when he duels or when he wants to

Does Yami ever see Yugi again?

No, Yami never sees Yugi again after the final episode when he goes into the afterlife after their duel.

In yugioh which episode is wen yami is yugi and his grandpa is there and his grandpa thinks yami is yugi?

probably the very first episode where yugi/yami duels kaiba the first time or when he is dueling pegasus in the first episode near the end of it.

Is Goku stronger then yami yugi?

Goku is stronger in fight than yami but yami is stronger in dueling.

Who is better yugi or yusei?

yusei is better than yugi moto, but yami yugi is better than yusei.

Why does yugi have a dark magician?

yep but it's more like yami yugi's

Why does Yugi yell Yu-Gi-Oh when he transforms into Yami Yugi?

'Yugi' means 'game' and 'Oh' means 'King', so Yami Yugi, or 'Dark' Yugi, is making Little Yugi scream 'Game King!', kind of like how a werewolf howls when it transforms into a wolf.