Does webkinz w shop have cabbage?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, , the Webkinz W-Shop has cabbage somewhere in the Food section.

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Q: Does webkinz w shop have cabbage?
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What is webkinz w shop live where can you find it and how much does it cost?

The Webkinz W-Shop is in the game of Webkinz where players can purchase whatever it is that they need.

What stores are on Webkinz?

the w shop and the curio shop

Where can you get food in Webkinz?

The W-Shop.

Where can you buy trampoline in webkinz?

w shop

Does Webkinz w-shop have eggs?

yes they do

What is a w-shop?

a w shop is something on webkinz world where you buy food and other things

Where do you get a movie playset in webkinz world?

w shop

How do you get the Webkinz studio?

it is at the end of the toys in the w-shop

Do Webkinz wee?

yes you can buy a toliet at the w- shop

Where is the rainbow flower on webkinz?

it is in the W shop in the category decorations

Where can you buy webkinz items?

On earth you buy them at JUSTICE and on the game Webkinz you buy them at the W-shop!See'Ya!

Where do Webkinz swim in Webkinz world?

they swim in pools u can buy at the W shop or in the park pools